The fullscreen shithead thing on Netflix can go fuck itself because that shit was gone when I pressed the prt sc button, but whatever.

And I’ve got thoughts on scenes that happened before this, but I want to address this before anything else.

Here’s the difference between Regina and Bay:

Regina was getting into Deaf culture because her daughter lost her hearin and became deaf at the age of, what, three? You went into this culture to help your daughter out. To be able to communicate with your daughter. Make friends and family with other people that Daphne will be able to fit in with, because she (more than likely) will not have that with hearing society.

Bay, however, is treating the whole thing like a game. She’s treating this experience as a trophy, just something to put on a piece of paper. She’s going into this place that is actually foreign to her, but is acting as if this is her “home” when it really isn’t. She thinks just ‘cos she’s been signing for a year, and omg, she has a “sibling” that is “Deaf”, she’s suddenly like all these Deaf people, walks into this place acting like that, and she gets shot down. She’s getting reality kicked into her ass and now she’s sitting and pouting like, “But why aren’t these people accepting me?”

This is like when hearing people come into our ask box on Tumblr and ask us if we accept hearing people, if we have problems with them learning sign language, or wanting to be friends with deaf people, etc. etc.

It’s very simple:

If you’re Regina, you’re cool.
If you’re Bay, you either need to straighten yourself up or you got to go.

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